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Private Charters

Alaska small ship cruise charters

A growing portion of the Discovery’s season provides customized, private voyages into Alaska’s prized seacoast region of Prince William Sound. Individual families, wedding parties, groups of friends, photographers, film crews, researchers, educators, and other small groups can charter the boat for their exclusive cruise and enjoy a private wilderness experience. If you’re coming all the way to Alaska, why not see the best?

With the popular destinations in Alaska becoming increasingly more crowded, many are looking for some form of exclusivity and privacy, that sidesteps the large crowds of mainstream tourist destinations. This has been the Discovery’s focus from the beginning, and if you find yourself attracted to this type of travel, we encourage you to explore some of our regularly scheduled cruises, or contact us to discuss dates and availability for your own specific time frame.

evening in aboard the Discovery

All of our voyages offer guests a unique encounter with the astonishing diversity of life in Prince William Sound’s marine and terrestrial habitats. Calving glaciers, wildlife viewing, whale watching, shore side hikes, and sea kayaking are some of the favored activities.

Discovery Voyage’s high quality, low volume approach to traveling in this Alaska seacoast wilderness make private charters a desirable and viable option to many visitors.

Private Charter Rates

  • Charters are available for up to 12 adult passengers.*Some exceptions may apply with sleeping arrangements for children.
  • No age minimum for kids.
  • Rates range from $7,900 to $9,500 per day based on seasonal demand and availability.
  • Rates include cost for the entire boat per day, including full crew and meals plus round-trip van transfers between Anchorage/Whittier. Pre/post cruise accommodations are included as well but may be removed from the package.
  • Non-refundable deposit for charters: $4,500
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