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Research Charters

Prince William Sound research projects

Captain Rand and the Discovery crew have been involved in numerous scientific research projects in Prince William Sound.

Dean’s blend of experience with ship building, mechanics and natural history provide a resourceful advantage when working in remote regions like the Sound. Often, research occurs over periods of days or weeks and the ability to stay at sea on a reliable vessel is vital. Dean is well-experienced at making this happen. The innovative and creative problem solving demands of remote field work are well know to all experienced in this type of work, and the asset of Captain Rand’s experience and resourcefulness is invaluable.

Prince William Sound Research Charters

Over the years the Discovery has participated in numerous research projects, some are listed below:

  • Winter sea bird surveys
  • Spring bird migration surveys
  • Pacific Herring spawn deposition studies and pathology research
  • Sea Otter population surveys, radio tracking & forage study
  • Harlequin Duck capture and radio telemetry tracking studies
  • Marbled & Kitlitz Murrelet studies
  • Surf Scoter satellite telemetry tracking
  • River Otter surveys and radio tracking
  • Bear population surveys and genetic sampling
  • Salmon fry survival studies
  • Intertidal invertebrate research
  • Humpback & Orca whale census and identification studies
  • Various wildlife and historical film documentaries

The vessel is well suited for research projects, with interior table space, overhead winches and storage space on the deck and top of the vessel. Dean is also highly experienced with the specific locations in Prince William Sound that serve as safe anchorage during inclement weather, commonly encountered during the winter season.

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