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Fine Dining

Deliciously prepared menu

Meg’s culinary interest developed growing up in an Italian and Irish food loving family, and was fine tuned by working alongside Discovery chefs. Her menu is authentically Alaskan, prepared in a way that only someone who enjoys eating as much as they enjoy cooking, can. Having gathered recipes from years of talented Discovery cooks, Meg has put together a vast arrangement that features her top picks. A tantalizing menu of carefully prepared, home-cooked meals await you on the Discovery . The upper deck salon is surrounded by large windows creating a magnificent natural dinner theater. Depending on the season, meals feature fresh local seafood such as Copper River king salmon or sockeye salmon, Prince William Sound spot shrimp, halibut, oysters, and rockfish.

These are served with fresh quality fruit and vegetables (organically grown ingredients are used whenever possible), scrumptious salads, and baked breads. Not a seafood fan? That’s OK! We have alternates available.

And is there any better way to end a glorious day than with a sweet treat (flourless chocolate cake perhaps?) and glass of wine while sitting on the deck taking in the evening sights and sounds!

Meg with days meals
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