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Passenger Info

This form is only for those who have booked a voyage with us. Please provide us with the following information as soon as possible upon booking a voyage. The Discovery crew find it important to have some basic information about each guest to assist in planning and preparing for your visit. Feel free to add any additional information, requests, etc.

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Start date of you voyage


Emergency Contact


Personal Physician Emergency Contact



Will you be bring a CPAP machine?*
If you have strict dietary needs or allergies, list them below and please elaborate.
Keep in mind that we are voyaging on a small vessel with one stove, so please let us know how flexible you are in your needs vs. preferences. (For example: "My preference is for gluten free options" vs. "I have celiac disease"; "I don't like shrimp" vs. "I am allergic to shellfish"; "I am not a big fan of red meat vs. I am strict vegetarian or have religious restrictions"; or "I despise potatoes but can eat around them", etc.)
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